Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hypocrisy is possibly the worse of all human traits, but when it rears its ugly head in the very place where the most beautiful game in the world is played, I simply go apeshit.
Nothing gets my gander up more than self-proclaimed paragons of virtue, who fail to practice what they so like to preach. Often these players pontificate about the importance of courtesy and ethics , while acting in a discourteous and unacceptable way. They condemn for instance those who hesitate over their next bid, alleging the passing of unauthorised information, but on the same board might well slam down their own bidding card ( with all the appropriate body language and facial expressions ) to make sure their partner gets the message loud and clear....... that he/she is now under strict instruction not to pull that bid.
Then we come to that bunch hypocrites who love to dish out abusive insults to all and sundry, but react like wounded fawns whenever anyone dares to make even mildly adverse comments about them. These bullies expect their victims to have exceptionally thick skins, as well as a kind regard and respect for their delicate, fragile nature, and overly-sensitive feelings .
Hypocrisy like this beggars belief. These people are completely blind to their own gross imperfections ........but are acutely aware of even the slightest flaws in others. They always look outwards but never inwards. In psycho-analytical terms they project all their shortcomings and failings onto others. They never see their own hypocrisy because that trait of course now belongs to someone else.
However, hypocrisy in bridge clubs doesn't end there. We have those in charge who believe that their right to adopt intolerant strict zero tolerance policies is completely justified, if it is to stamp out players showing intolerance to others. The contradiction is absurd. In their eyes, two wrongs do happen to make a right. Yet in my eyes, it is another classic example of outrageous hypocrisy.
Finally, we come to those who claim they believe in freedom of speech and association, but who instantly choose to crack down on anyone expressing points of view contrary to theirs, or perhaps associating with those they have come to dislike or distrust. This form of hypocrisy often leads to one group getting together to form a camp, only to berate the fact that others are doing likewise.
I have always maintained that I am a severely flawed character, but thankfully a realist. I too am guilty of condemning others even though I continue to behave in a similar vein. A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. However, the difference is that I am a self-confessed hypocrite, but not one who is in permanent self-denial. I can be easily embarrassed by my shameful hypocritical outbursts, but I am never oblivious to them. The sad fact is that hypocrisy is an ingrained characteristic of The Human Condition......but blind hypocrisy is a damnable curse. Unfortunately, this extreme form lurks everywhere, and this is why the world of bridge can never be anything else but bizarre......

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