Friday, 6 August 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT : THE 69-er REVOLUTION IS COMING............... ( Article by Bigot-Johnson )
At long last, one of my great ideas has taken off in a big way. For all those results merchants who have found regular duplicates utterly unmotivating, I have introduced a new initiative that has given them a real purpose and meaning to their game. Indeed, all club players will be inspired to pull out performances of a lifetime : a way of becoming legends within their own club. A way of becoming recognised, respected, admired and gifted players, who achieved that magic score of 69% ( or better ).
The moment you make this score, you are eligible to call yourself a 69-er, to wear a special 69-er badge ( paid for of course by your club ) to show off to others with pride, sporting a huge smirking smile that no one can wipe off your smug looking face. This badge can be forever worn to remind you, and everyone else, about that night, when both you and your partner walked on water. The more badges you can accumulate the better your chances of repelling accusations, such as " what way ? ", " you jammy bastard ", and " it must have been a fluke ".
Badge wearers can, with both confidence and conviction, put themselves forward for A-Team selection, and if there is a significant number of 69-ers in the club they should then consider forming their own elite band........running private socials and competitions.
Already gay bridge clubs around the world have embraced this idea of mine with a passion, but unfortunately a few straight clubs have failed to make heads and tails of this revolutionary concept. Nevertheless, early indicaters suggest that to become a 69-er has certainly appealed to those who see themselves as real " swingers ".

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