Thursday, 26 August 2010

BIGOT-JOHNSON BLOWS A GASKET................ ( Short report by Pun )
Bigot , as we all know, is immensely proud of the fact that his blog title is an original.......that he is the first person to publicise the perception that the world of bridge is bizarre. However, I unfortunately upset his cosy apple cart when I foolishly told him of a recent discovery of mine. In amongst a pile of very old books, a job lot purchase at a recent auction, I came across an unknown bridge authoress from the 1930's. She too had arrived at the same conclusion as Bigot. Indeed, this very rare priceless treasure was entitled :
The Bizarre World Of Bridge E. Malhouse
On hearing this Bigot went completely ape, which of course was perfectly in keeping with Ann's observations about the primitive behaviour displayed by most male bridge players. She perceived them as grunting, growling, chest-beating, foot-stomping, gesticulating, hairy-arsed gorillas : a description that fits Bigot to a tee.

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