Tuesday, 17 August 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY.........................
  • Outstanding trump : an imminent explosion of methane gas
  • Master trump : an explosion so loud and so long, it is impossible for any other player at the table to beat it, irrespective of how many spicy baked beans they may have eaten hours earlier
  • Trump reduction : a rare and unusual manoeuvre in which declarer uses up his little trumps to ruff out dummy's winners . This helps to reduce the embarrassment of allowing a defender to succeed in making a trump of his own.
  • Dummy : a dead, lifeless, transparent, plastic type of player, often the subject of derision because of his inflated ego, his ability to spout hot air, and his undoubted capacity to blow up at any time
  • Flier : ( i) a huge jump bid to game that gambling players might resort to, or (ii ) a weighty object, such as the aerodynamically designed bridgemate, which is often seen whizzing through the air prior to making a sudden and painful crash landing

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