Sunday, 22 August 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY...................
  • Unseen hand : the one that hits you from behind
  • Seed : a term that describes the downward path that top bridge players often go, once they cease playing the game at the highest level
  • Re-entry : a common manoeuvre adopted by most oversexed players with high levels of testosterone
  • Round Robin : an overly round red breasted bird who has spent too much time eating and tanning herself on sun-beds, at the expense of playing bridge
  • Rusinow leads : a pathetic carding method which attempts to fool novice declarers as to the location of the higher touching honour
  • Rule of 11 : no substitutes allowed
  • Shaded bid : one that is made by an extremely dim and unenlightened player
  • Sec0nd hand : the kind of bridge books tight-fisted, money minded bridge players look to acquire on the cheap

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