Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Yes there's much less risk involved if you follow Bigot Johnson's sensible lead......but you must hold firm in the event of the relentless harassment, intimidation and threats from these scumbag , morally bankrupt operators.  
This is how a court case , if a long running dispute ever goes that far , might well pan out.....

Counsel for the plaintiff : were issued a PCN for overstaying. Your 2 hour ticket ran out at 12.08 pm but our camera recorded your exit at 12.26 pm. This 16 minute overstay was a flagrant contravention of the terms and conditions you agreed to abide by. So please tell the court what you've got to say about that ?
B-J : Well......on realising I was late in returning to my car I thought it was both right and correct to purchase another 1 hour ticket. This took place at 12. 22 pm and I have the ticket to prove it here in my hand
Judge : What an honest and sensible man you are Bigot
B-J : Thank you ....your Honour.......I appreciate that comment
CP : Ah.....but for the time period 12.08 to 12.22 pm..... your car was parked up for 14 minutes without a valid ticket. This makes you liable for the full parking charge of £100 does it not ?
Judge : Might I intervene at this point counsel ?
CP :   You may...
Judge : So please me what number of hours did Bigot pay in total ?
CP : 3 hours
Judge : And how long was his stay ?
CP :  2 hours and 16 minutes
Judge : Well . there you have loss of income whatsoever.....therefore this ridiculous  charge of £100 is clearly punitive in nature.....rendering it an unenforceable penalty. Case dismissed
CP : But...but....but
Judge : Don't but me counsel......or I'll have you back in court for contempt
Bigot : Wow.....that's the very word I have for anyone who represents these evil and vindictive scammers
Judge : and I are truly operating on the same wave length


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