Sunday, 18 February 2018


Yet another unbelievable act of obscene victimisation of the old and vulnerable by a company renown for its complete lack of moral and ethical values.  Bigot-Johnson , a close family friend , put himself forward to defend the case on the their behalf.

Counsel for the plaintiff : Mrs. Bennett has refused to pay the  £100 PCN issued against the driver of the car failing to purchase a ticket
B-J : Might I point out your Honour.....the  actual driver  happened to be the elderly Mr. Bennett,  who unfortunately died at his wheel  of his car..... just seconds after arriving and parking up in an available bay. It wasn't until another motorist noticed his body slumped over the steering wheel that an ambulance was eventually called to the scene. Needless to say that vehicle also picked up a PCN for failing to purchase a ticket.  
CP: The terms and conditions clearly state......that it was a pay and display car park which required drivers to purchase a ticket and display it face up on the dashboard   
BJ :  But.... Mrs. Bennett was not the one who drove the vehicle into the car park.
CP : Ah......not so fast Bigot.... you see she too became a driver...... by virtue of the fact she collected the car and drove it away.   
B-J : What is it with you parking companies that don't allow death to be a valid reason to get a PCN cancelled ?  Whatever next ?  Has the company no compassion at all ? 
CP : None.....absolutely none......because as you know all too well..... private parking companies are solely concerned with making easy money and big profits.. This of course can only be done by applying the rules in the strictest possible way. No exceptions allowed. 
Judge : No mercy shown then ?
CP : No......never.....and why the hell should there be ? If motorists contravene the rules they have to pay the price.
Judge : My sentiments entirely.....which is why I'm showing Rip Off Parking no mercy whatsoever. Their case is dismissed with all costs are to be borne by the company , plus of course another £2000 to be paid to the defendant for the psychological and emotional stress she has been put under as a result of this evil ,vindictive claim. That's the price the company will have to pay for being total and utter bastards.

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