Friday, 2 February 2018

RIP OFF PARKING v. BIGOT JOHNSON  (2017)......Case No. 4

Bigot was on a roll. With Parliament about to stick the boot in to these cowboy parking companies , Bigot decided to stick one in of his own. This time he parked up and keyed in "FUCK OFF " into the ticket machine,  which duly issued a ticket with the same expletive details. Not surprisingly he found himself in court defending  yet another claim of failing to purchase a valid Pay and Display ticket.

Counsel for the Plaintiff  ( CP ) : The receipt clearly shows that car registration details which were entered was not the full and correct registration as per the terms and conditions. Clearly the defendant's behaviour was nothing short of pure provocation  and wilfulness. He validated the incorrect details , and therefore one can clearly see the payment process was not followed correctly.
B-J : But you still kept the money ......didn't you ? So do I assume that this money was confiscated as part of my punishment , or was in fact treated as payment for the 2 hours parking. 
CP : Ah.....although a payment was made , no payment was made for the vehicle parked at this site. The cameras have no entry or exit records for the car with the registration "Fuck Off "......and only the owner of the car is entitled to a refund. Your vehicle's registration was on camera but there was no payment made for it. In other words Bigot you screwed up big time for sure.
B-J: So I take contract was ever entered into for the car RTB 65 SNN
CP : No.....
B-J : So how can there be a breach of contract then.....if there was no contract ?
CP : But you did enter into a contract.....
B-J : Yes ....but only for a car that didn't exist.... because according to you vehicle with the " F O " registration parked at the site. You see the ticket that was issued was valid but only for that car. You can not now claim it was an invalid ticket for the car with the RTB registration. There was no ticket issued for that registration , because I chose not to enter into a contract with the company for that particular car. I set out to commit an act of trespass.
CP :  Oh....
Judge : Oh indeed.....this claim will therefore be struck out on two grounds. Firstly , it was brought under the wrong heading. Secondly , no damage or loss was ever incurred by the company. 
CP : Hold on a moment...what about non-payment of a ticket......loss of ticket revenue ?
Judge : Well that didn't occur either..... since Bigot did hand over money there and then simply to compensate the company for the exact loss you now allege. Rip Off were never at any point in time out of pocket. 
CP : I believe my client is being had here ....
Judge : Just like the tens of thousands of motorists who have well and truly been had by Rip Off Parking over the years ....because they didn't have the balls to stand up against this mean, mercenary, money grabbing client of yours  

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