Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Its business model is one of pure genius when it comes to pay-by-the-hour car parks. The plan involves the removal of car parking attendants replacing them with automated cameras and ticket machines. Now the scene is set for creating 5 very lucrative revenue streams :

1. Correct payments for the hours actually used
2. Deliberate over-payments which occur when motorists plan to leave early,  resulting in 
    purchased hours being unused . This of course enables parking bays to be purchased 
    again earning additional revenue. 
3. The imposition of ludicrously high parking charges on motorists whose transgressions
    more often than not cause no loss whatsoever to the company
4. Additional charges imposed on motorists who ignore the PCNs
5. The accrued interest from the investment of vast cash mountains built up over time ,
    courtesy of all those motorists who paid the bogus fines out of fear and anxiety. 

Welcome to the world of get-rich quick , morally bankrupt parking cowboys.

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