Friday, 9 February 2018


-  This racket we're operating is amazing
-'s a wonder the Krays didn't think of this first
-  Legalised extortion is what they would call it
-  I it's not surprising we're getting bad press reviews.....and motorists forums on
   the internet slagging us off big time
-  Our company reputation and public image is shit......but who cares so long as the money
   keeps rolling in
-  Yes....and even though thousands of motorists get caught out each week vowing 
    never to      return to any of our sites.......there are tens of thousands more ready and 
    willing to take their place 
-  Yes....treating our motoring customers like scumbags doesn't impact badly at all on our
    business turnover. We're still making money hand over fist.
-   Indeed, motorists ......thank God.....are ignorant gullible sapheads.......nothing more than 
    a load of mugs, dipsticks, dopes, soft touches, easy prey.....error-prone fools who find
    it impossible to keep time ..... and key in their car registration plates correctly
-   I know.....I've been done myself parking up at an Excel car park....but a quick phone call 
    to their top man explaining who I was immediately resulted with an instant apology and 
    the cancellation of the PCN
-   Quite right......the brotherhood has to stand together shoulder to shoulder 
-   It's so important that all the private car parking companies work together to ensure that
    the law doesn't change in favour of the motorist. That would be an utter disaster.  But
    thankfully we have the funds now to lobby and persuade MPs into thwarting or watering
    down any intended legislation that could undermine our hugely successful business 
    model. The power of money eh ?
- it stands we're also winning the battle to convince more and more retail parks
     to let us in to find desperately needed solutions to resolve their traffic flow problems. The
     fact there were never any problems in the first place seems irrelevant. Giving them a 
     financial sweetener will always do the trick. Once in ....motorists' will then find their
     goose is well and truly cooked, while we of course snap up the golden eggs
-   But surely some of these supermarkets will suffer a drop in customer turnover if a 
    growing number of motorists fail to return ? 
-   Very unlikely.....because as I said before .....there are hundreds more motorists who are
     willing to their place...... given that demand for available parking spaces will always 
     exceed supply. We are in a perfect win-win situation.
-   Well if that is the case why not screw the motorists even more by upping the PCN charge
     to £150........we can commercially justify it on the grounds that we have to employ far
     more admin staff to help process and chase up the ever-increasing number of PCNs 
     we issue each week
-   Why not indeed
-   Is there any champagne left?

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