Friday, 30 October 2009

BLOG REVIEW BY BIGOT-JOHNSON.................................. This blog is chugging along quite well, but for any newcomer reading this post, please be aware that there's some really good stuff buried way way back. Pun's book titles are strewn across 39 posts, alongside his 10 other articles. Rebecca Rood's agony aunt mailbag is getting bigger by the day, and with 20 replies she's really up and running. The Devil's Dictionary has been posted 17 times with a glossary of bridge terms that have real meaning in the bizarre world of bridge that exists today. Dr. John, a psycho-analyst of international renown, has shed light on at least 34 tragic and disturbing disorders affecting bridge players across the globe. Many of these make harrowing reading. Carp and Professor Hu Chi Ku Chi betwen them have produced 24 articles full of revelations and astute observations. Johnny Supremo strives on manfully to dish out sound advice on how to play the game ( 20 posts ), but really he hasn't got a clue. Blog readers would do much better to take on board my (Bigot-Johnson's) teachings, which are scattered in amongst my 23 truly inspired and inspirational posts. The remaining 23 posts are taken up with ten highly amusing Law Reports, seven contributions from Dr. Sigmind T. Schukelguber , and six from Bridgemeister Gibson. So there you have it.....lots to forage through....plenty of content to both shock and amuse.

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