Thursday, 15 October 2009

DR. JOHN'S CASE NOTES : THE KENNETH WILLIAMS SYNDROME This disorder reflects a persecution complex of such magnitude that some victims end up completely paranoid. Convinced that there are people out there, determined to get them, victims with this syndrome view powerful opponents with deep suspicion. The syndrome fist came to prominence, when the man himself played Caesar in one of the classic " Carry on " films. In the story, he convinces himself that wicked and evil plotters were ready and waiting to do away with him. Then in an acute state of anxiety and dread, he blurts out these unforgettable words: " Infamy, infamy....they've all got it in for me". Yet strangely, it is only in the world of competitive bridge, where one sees countless numbers with this terrible affliction. In their warped and paranoid minds, they see themselves as minnows swimming in pools infested with sharks. These sharks, of course, are usually expert players , notorious for their ability in "bunny bashing".....notorious for being extremely efficient at " shooting fish in a barrel" . These predators have only one mission to accomplish, and that is to conspire together to reek untold havoc on those chosen for punishment. Victims convince themselves that these evil monsters are solely out to get them. They believe that these persecutors have only come into their lives to be their nemisis ......players who are hell bent on giving them bad scores. Not surprisingly, when the symtoms get out of control, panic sets in. This, of course, guarantees the boards played against them will produce nothing but bottoms. Victims of this syndrome are simply victims of self-fulfilling prophecies.

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