Tuesday, 8 December 2009

AS AGEING BRIDGE PLAYERS................. YOU KNOW YOU ARE OVER THE HILL WHEN........................( 3rd article in the series by Pun )
  • You need your partner to help you cross your legs
  • You re-open the bidding by repeating your first bid
  • Players comment about the "squeaky" chairs, but the source of the noise problem are your knee joints
  • Told to sit east, you ask the bar steward for a compass
  • You begin to wonder if at any time you were ever on the top the hill
  • Seats you vacate as a moving player are slightly damper than they were before
  • Your regular partner buys you a portable abacus for Christmas
  • The club's newsletter is considered as an enjoyable read
  • You know all the warning signs of a heart attack
  • You prefer all your partners to have names beginning with "Dr"
  • You insist that all partners have a relevant up-to-date first aid certificates
  • Looking down at the cards involves no movement of the head
  • New partners often ask you what colour your hair used to be
  • Holding your cards "in" is easier than your stomach
  • Your short-term memory loss allows you to leave the club with a clear conscience

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