Friday, 25 December 2009

BIGOT-JOHNSON'S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE.............................................. Many people who read this blog have often wondered what the Dickens is going on? Why is this blog so lacking in bridge content? By the correspondence I've been getting on my e-mail ( you would think that every one of these whingers has a miserable, humourless existence, locked away inside a Bleak House. Indeed, this blog was meant to fulfil the Great Expectations of all its readers, but certainly not one where my team of contributors have endured Hard Times from taking unwarranted criticism and scorn regarding their work. We are all, would you believe, gifted individuals, who embody the tact, diplomacy and refined manners in keeping with The Old English Gentleman. Every person in the team regards the others as Our Mutual Friends.......though I do find Johnny Supremo gets right up my nose.......but thereagain it's Christmas, so I am more than prepared to join in and sing the words ( aptly taken from A Christmas Carol ) " Peace and goodwill to all men " with real conviction. Finally, I would like to say a Special Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the few readers out there, who truly love us for who we really are.

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