Thursday, 17 December 2009

DR. JOHN'S CASE NOTES : THE PUNCH DRUNK SYNDROME........... The most publicised variant of this syndrome is a neurological disorder, medically known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. First diagnosed as boxer's dementia, it was not surprising to see boxers as the most affected group. However, it can also affect athletes in contact sports where they repeatedly experience violent head blows and concussion. Symptoms of course include tremors, loss of concentration, mental deterioration and speech problems. Yet strangely, a pseudo version of this syndrome has hit the bridge world in a big way. This unusual form of the syndrome has until recently remained largely undetected, but research shows that thousands of bridge players are affected by it. The main difference here is that the victims have all sustained repeated verbal attacks by their unforgiving and bullying partners, which leaves them with their " heads done in ". The never ending onslaught of insults and accusations have the equivalent impact of repeated hammer blows, which bring on extreme chemical reactions and imbalances within their brains. These chemical changes then cause permanent damage to countless cells in key parts of the brain, which result in identical symptoms ( to those listed above ) being observed. In effect, their minds have been completely shattered. As a concerned and caring psycho-analyst, who cannot offer these punch drunk bridge players any meaningful or corrective therapy....... I can only appeal to the bridge authorities around the world to put an immediate stop to bullying and aggressive behaviour for once and for all.

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