Friday, 26 February 2010

A BRIEF WORD FROM THE BIGOT........................
My editorial team and I have been working our butts off to keep this blog fresh, informative, amusing, and in a few rare instances, shockingly crude. We know we are in a niche market providing a bridge blog like no other. We know that bridge players in the main are a sad, grumpy, miserable lot of individuals who need cheering up. Hey, when we don't win we feel the same way ourselves. But we're not prepared to let bridge grind us down into despairing and pathetic whingers.....NO....we're not the sort to take anything lying down. We are upstanding writers, prepared to make light of our wretched bridge scores, totally committed to bringing back smiling faces to all those who play the game ( as well as those who think they can ). Hour after hour, day after day, we try to dream up alternative content, using outrageous articles to either simply amuse readers....or raise serious issues in a subtle and light-hearted way.......praying of course that whoever reads this bridge-blog has a compatable sense of humour.
Naturally, we are very pleased to be getting interest from all over the world ( especially Venezuala ), with people curious enough to have " an initial look "..................but what this blog needs is a " dedicated following " . We need to know that their are hundreds of warped minds out there who really love this stuff, if only to help motivate and spur us on to produce more. So if you are a fan of this blog, we beg you to sign up as a follower........and if you're reading this Memphis Mojo Man, make sure you're the first up ( because sure as hell, we've signed up to your very entertaining and readable blog ).
Yours the irrepressible, Bigot-Johnson
( And to all those members at Sheffield Bridge Club who claimed to " love " our Newsletters...... who begged us to come back as editors....... well, howcome then, I don't see too many of your names on our list of followers.......? )

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