Sunday, 14 February 2010

A STRANGE THING HAPPENED THE OTHER DAY.............. ( True story by Dr. John )
A wild looking man, sporting a horrendous black moustache, blue and white striped T-shirt and a mariner's hat, entered my office and demanded my help.
" Doc....I need your help right away ."
" I can see that " I replied, with a keen observant eye, " So please lie down on the couch and tell me your problem ."
" You blithering idiot.....I don't have a problem. Have you no bloody idea who you're talking to....I am Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson. "
" Well, I never......."
" Yes....and let's get this's my wife who I am here about. Because God bless her soul, she's in deep mental trouble ."
" Please, do explain.....I'm really intrigued........So what pray seems to be her problem ? "
" For some bizarre reason, she's under the delusion that she's Mrs. Bigot-Johnson . "

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