Tuesday, 23 February 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY....................................
  • Blizzard : a hand that is so lacking in colour cards, that players genuinely believe they have been dealt a blank set of cards with a pure white backround
  • Unfinished rubber : one that is best ignored and forgotten........ and, if wishing to play it safe, should be immediately discarded
  • Wolff signal : a clever device used by responder after his partner's 2NT rebid : first he inserts both fingers into his mouth and blows, which is then followed up by a 3C relay bid . The soft or hard whistle tone will of course tell partner whether responder's first bid was weak or strong.
  • Bridge : what you and your partner are obliged to rebuild after your recent falling out, if trust and confidence is ever going to be restored
  • SNAP : what happens to most players' tempers when results go from bad to worse
  • Attitude leads : these are attributed to defending players who slam their cards down onto the table with real venom, in a blatant attempt to convey the following message to partner: " I have a high honour card in this suit SO USE THIS INFORMATION TO MAXIMUM EFFECT.....or else "
  • Stiff : a term which relates to the sensation a member experiences, when he ( or it) gets over-excited
  • Slow arrival : a situation in which two players, after careful approach bidding, finally grind their way to a fulfilling conclusion

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