Tuesday, 9 February 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY..........................
  • Rank : ( Adverb ) usually the word that precedes the adjective "bad" , when players choose to comment on their partners' inept play
  • Red : the colour of a player's eyes as he is about to erupt at the table
  • Red against red : a situation which occurs when two players involved in a heated exchange are about to erupt simultaneously
  • Scramble : the frenzied manner in which some players rush for the front places in the mid-interval buffet queue
  • Rule of 11 : if as a player you have counted out 11 cards played from one suit, then it is odds on there are still 2 out
  • Rule of 13 : a rule often ignored by many players who, having failed to count their cards before bidding, enter the auction holding 12 or 14
  • Roman : an absurd convention, which owes its origin ( no surprise here ) to a Mediterranean man who wears a skirt and something resembling a metal waistcoat
  • Second hand : the type of bridge books tightfisted bridge players choose to buy ( but more often choose to borrow )

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