Sunday, 28 February 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY.............................
  • Beer card : a card which is often used to stand on your beer glass on, as an improvised substitute for a missing beer mat. Indeed, the first time this happened, the seven of diamonds was chosen.
  • Average minus : a term most top players use to describe all others
  • 14-30 : the time of day during a congress event when most young male players have consumed their third pint
  • Filth : the type of language used by players who are sick of being dealt garbage hands
  • Block : something a player puts his neck on, when attempting an audacious psyche
  • Futile Willie : originally a character in S.J. Simon's book, but now used to describe a player who has lost his ability to make even an adequate score
  • Dump : the place where all the score-cards of average minus players end up
  • Barrage : a term used to describe the sheer volume and velocity of insults that can rain down on you, if you happen to upset your highly volatile and explosive partner

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