Friday, 19 February 2010

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY.........................................

  • Score : something you have to settle........ usually against an old adversary, or ex-partner
  • Tempo : refers to the particular rhythm or beat a player employs when strumming his fingers on the table
  • Inverted raise : an absurdly illogical bidding tactic, in which a jump raise takes you to a level beyond where you need to be, in contrast to a single level raise which takes you to a level below where you ought to be
  • Advanced sacrifice : yet another absurdly illogical bidding tactic, where responder ( on hearing his RHO double his partner's 3 level pre-empt ) jumps to the 5 level on garbage. This insane manoeuvre guarantees them a minus 800/1100 for 4 off doubled, when the maximum loss they could have otherwise incurred, by simply passing, was minus 660 for a game bid and made by their opponents.
  • Novice : one without sin : a rarity in the world of bridge
  • Bust : something every vain and conceited bridge player has of himself in his home, usually his most treasured artifact
  • Length : ( alternative definition ) the size of a club member's member

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