Friday, 29 January 2010

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Dear Rebecca,
I have never been able to get good scores against better players, especially when it comes to competing in the part-score arena. Can you offer me some winning advice.
Yours desperately needing help, Angel
Dear Angel,
With so much good stuff having already been written on this topic, you can find all the answers you need from getting hold of the right books. However, I could offer you one small tip which on occasions may provide you a few welcome tops. If in fourth position, after three passes, you are looking down at a hand with 12-13 points, but nothing in the way of spades, then choose to pass. When HCPs are even distributed say 22-18, then good opponents even with their inferior allocation will probably have enough ammunition to do you some serious damage.
Moreover, if they hold spades you can bet your life they will certainly find a way of protecting .....discovering of course a fit in their suit. If their bidding gets to 2S you're sunk. Bang goes your best score of + 110 with 2 hearts tick, because the opponents can now afford to go one off vulnerable, or even two off non-vulnerable, for a less than desirable + 100 your way. Should you bid on to 3H down one, minus 50 guarantees you a bottom.
Passing out will always give you a few rank bad scores, especially when pairs sitting in the same direction bid freely in an uncontested auction to find a nice safe part-score contract. But there again, on other boards this passing out tactic might well save you from incurring any negative scores, or grossly inferior ones.
Yours passing on a little gem, Rebecca

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