Friday, 27 May 2011

BIGOT-JOHNSON IS AT IT AGAIN........................
Bigot is never one to miss out on exploiting the weakness of others. Shooting fish in a barrel is without doubt his favourite pastime. Newcomers venturing out into the world of duplicate bridge are like lambs to the slaughter, such is the ruthless and deceitful nature of this dreadful reprobate.
Why just the other day he was in a hopeless 4 spade contract, destined to fail by one trick if played out to the bitter end. So with 8 tricks already in the bag and with 4 tricks still to play for, he boldly announced: " I'll give you the Ace of diamonds but I'm claiming the rest for 11 tricks, making 4S with an overtrick ".
One opponent looked perplexed and was quick to challenge his claim : " Excuse me..... but you are wrong.....I happen to be holding a master trump ".
" By God", sighed an embarrassed and apologetic Bigot, " you're absolutely right........I'm so sorry....this means you've kept me to the contract...........well done ".
" Thank you ", said the opponent.
" No.....thank you ", replied Bigot, sporting a smile that oozed smug delight and smarmy self-congratulation .

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