Wednesday, 4 May 2011

BRIDGE BOOKS WITH A BIT OF BITE.......... ( Snappy reviews by Pun )
  • Bridge Players Love A Good R. G. Bargee is a collection of shocking accounts regarding some of the biggest rumpuses ever to take place in major bridge tournaments. Some of the stories take some believing, in that the smallest incidents often gave rise to the biggest brawls ever to be seen in the world of green baize tables.
  • What I Get Up To At Gay Bridge Alec Todgers is a frank and revealing insight as to what really goes on inside these new, up-and-coming, new clubs. The author explains in graphic detail what newcomers really enjoyed about their initial experience at these ultra friendly and welcoming places. Often bridge became secondary to the pleasure generated by the social intercourse and interaction between the members.
  • Like Many Other Top Women Players I'm Up For Ariel Hussey is a very readable book that explores the world of bridge professionals, sponsorship and high-stakes rubber bridge. Although few women have chosen to make a living out of bridge, those who gave it a real good go have gone on to earn a small fortune. These pros in no time at all built up client lists that included big name politicians, wealthy industrialists, and well known film stars.
  • It Pays To Have No Scruples If You Want To Win At Bridge........E. Morrell may be a book that many find hard to stomach. The author sets out to explain why having scruples will hinder one's chances of succeeding in big tournament venues, where the heated battle becomes one of dog eat dog. Any one with with a moral conscience, and a sense of what is right and wrong, will be mercilessly exploited by those who haven't. Therefore, to compete on a level playing field, it is necessary to sink to their level. In a nutshell that means playing " devious and dirty ".

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