Sunday, 15 May 2011

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG........................
Dear Rebecca,
What is it with bridge club commttees ? Why do they take so long to reach a decision ?
About a month ago I wrote a committee member about a very important issue I felt needed urgent attention. I heard nothing and so I wrote again to this particular egit demanding to know if any action had been taken............and this was his reply:
" As a conscientious and caring committee member I felt it both prudent and correct to consult with the rest of the group, before formally initiating measures to set about a way of investigationg the issue you so kindly brought to my attention. Once we get round to putting this urgent matter onto the agenda for future discussion, we should after a period of thoughtful reflection be able to move forward in later meetings to start the process of answering your question. However, if there are incomplete pending issues that need to be adressed in the meantime, your query may have to be put on the back burner. Anyway, I hope this letter puts your mind at rest, and if luck is on your side you should hear from us later on this year. "
Well, what do you make of that ?
Yours forever, Mark N. Tyme
Dear Mark ,
As an ex-committee member myself I feel you are expecting too much from those who have so little to do, but with so much time to do it in. As I am currently deluged with 3 letters a month, I haven't the time or inclination at present to discuss fully all the issues surrounding procrastinating committees . However, I will get back you as soon as possible, providing of course you are happy to wait.
Yours marking time as well, Rebecca

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