Monday, 16 May 2011

WHAT THE HELL IS MY PARTNER UP TO ?......... ( A Bigot-Johnson rant )
My partner is either a complete mule or a dead cert for the " Donkey Of The Year " award. Indeed, he is the past master of falling for the classic " Donkey Coup ".
This reckless manoeuvre of pure self-destruction is based on the premise that is is an excellent idea to shorten your trumps early, so that your opponents can seize control of the hand.
Without a shadow of doubt, my asinine partner has taken the donkey coup to another level, utilising all its amazing and spectacular variations.
The first one involves wasting a trump unnecessarily, when ruffing a trick which partner was about to win.
Then of course there's a variation which borders on madness. This involves playing out a key stopper in a side suit, which enables defenders to set up an early force in that same suit. This results in the opponents' small trumps eventually being promoted into outright winners.
But the variation that beats all the others in terms of sheer lunacy involves using one of dummy's precious trumps to ruff a side suit, when the superior line is to focus upon setting up dummy's long suit ......relying on that precious 3rd trump as the one and only entry to it ( with losers now in a position to be discarded ).

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