Tuesday, 15 February 2011

BRIDGE ADDICTION IS A TERRIBLE THING........ ( The first of several nearly true stories by Bridgemeister Gibson that reveal the shocking level to which bridge takes over players' lives , in that they become seemingly unable to focus on, or care about, anything else )
Following the death of her husband, who had been her main bridge partner since the day they were married, the distraught and grieving widow nervously approached the club chairman in the bar.
" I know it's at short notice...... but is it possible to put in a few words about Simon in the obituary column of the forthcoming newsletter ? "
" Yes Mona ", said the chairman, " what words would you like to say ? "
" Simon is dead ", she replied.
Startled by abruptness of this message, he tried to persuade her that perhaps a few more words were needed.
" My dear Mona.......you are allowed sufficient space to say whatever you like. Surely, there is something else you would like to readers to know about ? "
Mona paused for a moment or two to reflect upon what the chairman had hinted. " Yes, of course..." she mumbled to herself, realising that it was necessary to say something else .
" Well, Mona.... so what message now have you finally decided upon ? "
" Simon is dead. New partner urgently required. Must be prepared to play benji acol and be of a pleasant disposition ."

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