Tuesday, 1 February 2011

THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY ..............................
  • Hippogriffs : a popular name given to a mythical suit invented by the devil. Often useful to have against a declarer in 7NT who hasn't got any cover in the suit.
  • Kiss of death : a score of minus 200 as a result stealing the contract against opponents who, at best , could only make 110/140
  • Goulash : a method of dealing out wild, freakish, highly distributional hands, which most players will end up making a complete meal or hash of
  • Big field : (i) a place where seeded players tend to harvest rich pickings, or (ii) a tactical response to a possible psyche by your partner which really "grasses up " your opponents
  • LOL : an acronym for " little old ladies " or " lots of laughs " : the ludicrous play of the former usually brings about the latter from all those watching on vugraph
  • Leg : a lower limb that unethical players don't even have one to stand on , when confronted with accusations of cheating
  • Bridge world : a term once associated with the name of a well established bridge magazine, but now it is clearly linked to the global theatre of the absurd. A monstrous stage upon which every bridge player becomes the leading actor , in any one of the infinite scenes that take place in a never ending play.
  • An unethical player : a well chosen euphemism for " cheat " : a wretched, despicable, low-life, worthless player, who continues to undermine the integrity and beauty of the game
  • Limit raise : a sad reflection of age where one's failure to do better proves very disappointing for partner

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