Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The funeral dad been rearranged for the last sunday of the month, and the vicar had expected a big turn out. The deceased was a well liked and extremely popular member of the local bridge club, and the church was almost buried under floral tributes.
The clock on the wall chimed 2 o'clock, the scheduled start time for the service, but hardly a soul was present inside the church. Even his loving wife and close friends were absent.
" Surely, this man deserved a better send off than this ? " queried the vicar, " Howcome there so few people here paying their last respects ? "
So the perturbed man of the cloth approached a gaunt looking gentleman sitting alone on the front row of the pews.
" Where is everybody ? .....Do you know what's happened to them ? " asked the vicar.
The young man leaned forward with a stern look etched upon his face.
" It's all your bloody fault. Why you had to move the service to the very Sunday the club runs its annual mixed pairs event is beyond me ! "

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