Tuesday, 15 February 2011


- I'm Sorry Partner If I'm Not Up To It ......by Ivor Smallholding is a very frank and moving confession by a struggling player, acutely aware of his limitations and shortcomings.

- My Partner Does Everything At A Canter......by Orson Ryder is a wonderful account of how to play bridge at a nice steady relaxed pace, even when the pressure is on.

- Even When All Seems Lost, Opponents Can Still Slip Up......by Arthur Chance is a delightful little book that explains how players can capitalise even on the smallest errors committed by their opponents, which somehow provide them with heaven sent opportunities to possibly make, and defeat, contracts against all the odds.

- How I Made It Into The Bridge Hall Of Fame.........By Lord Nose Of Coventry is a determined attempt to refute the thousands of unfounded allegations that his nomination had nothing whatsoever to do with the millions of pounds he shelled out as sponsor, to be part of a crack all conquering team of professionals . Moreover, he vehemently denies that his title, which helped pull a few strings in getting the selectors invited to every royal banquet held at Buckingham Palace, had any influence or sway at all in bringing about his well deserved nomination.

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