Saturday, 26 February 2011

Owing to a deluge of complaints under " reported abuse ", this now infamous blog has been told to publish a warning that some of its contents may contain traces of smut.
Therefore, if you are a reader with a delicate or sensitive disposition, then you would be well advised to desist from reading anything else on this blog. By taking this much needed advice, you will of course avoid the risk of encountering traumatic shock and distress.
The editorial riff raff responsible for the numerous " smutty " comments, crude double entendres, and random outbursts of toilet humour, do not accept any responsibility whatsoever if readers ( who choose to ignore this warning ) find themselves reviled and outraged by what they unearth. In fact we do not intend to apologise for any of the naughty stuff that we have launched into the cyberworld, because hell fire.......this is the only damn thing we are any good at.
Yes, we're quirky alright.......a tad risque .......a little of the wall.......but we certainly can't help it if we have a reputation for being queer. Folks always get the wrong end of the stick, as they did over Bigot-Johnson's first foray into writing children's books, with his inspired " Roger The Cabin Boy " adventure story.

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