Thursday, 24 February 2011

REBECCA ROOD'S MAILBAG..........................
Dear Rebecca,
Is it possible to get good scores when up against top pairs in my club ? I never seem able to. They always manage to land in the best spots, and take the maximum number of tricks available. And in defence they are merciless.
Is there anything I can do to redress this great imbalance between my average ability and their infinite talent, skill and experience ?
Yours fast losing the will to play on, Joan
Dear Joan,
If top class players have the cards, they will usually end up in the best contracts. Armed with any information you provided them in the early rounds of the bidding, they will inevitably maximise their trick haul despite your best defence. Just keep quiet and give them little them as little information as you can, or better still provide them with misinformation if you are brave enough to psyche.
However, should you and your partner be blessed with all the high cards, then be prepared to pass the hand out. It will be fatal to bid. Firstly, any bidding by you will allow them to get in damaging lead directing bids, obstructive weak jump overcalls, and bids showing highly distributional two-suited hands. Often you will pushed up to a level which is just too high, or perhaps persuaded to sign off in an inadequate or inferior contract.
Moreover, every bid you make simply provides them with information they will use against you in finding that killing defence. So you will be amazed at the number of occasions your complete silence will result in above average scores. And remember also that " passed out " hands free you from all that fear, stress and tension you will experience, if you insist on wanting to play out hands as declarer.
Yours knowing out to shaft anybody, Rebecca

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