Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dear Rebecca,
I was truly impressed with your last post where you certainly put men in their place with well chosen quotes , provided by talented bridge commentators of the fairer sex. Well, I've got a thumping good collection of my own, which I would very much like to share with all those who avidly read your mailbag.
- It is a curious fact that no woman has yet been able to defeat her ignorant male partner in argument
- To suggest that women have far less imagination than their male partners is an outrage : they spend their whole time at the bridge table thinking up new ways to preserve men's fragile, overly-inflated egos
- How does one know if a player is " average " ? Well, in the case of a man it's easy : he will be the one who claims he isn't
- Some men believe that it is perfectly acceptable to insult their female partners : a belief that is only shaken when these beleaguered women suddenly head off to new pastures
- It is said that a bridge player who is a gentleman is simply a man who would never hurt his female partner's feelings unintentionally
- In the world of bridge men are but children of a larger growth
- The only problem women have with bridge...... is men
- Why is it that so many men can devote so much time and effort just to become incredibly mediocre
- There's no doubt about it men are far more reasoning bridge players than reasonable ones
-For most men winning at bridge becomes an incurable addiction
- In life there are more fools than wise men , yet in bridge clubs even the wise men are renown for their folly
So there you have it........ even more shed loads of light exposing the fragility and failings of men in this bizarre world of bridge.
Yours not one to get bogged down with trivial platitudes, Sylvia Swamp

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