Saturday, 19 February 2011

A SOULFUL LOOK INTO HOW ADDICTIVE BRIDGE CAN BE......... ( By Bridgemeister Gibson )
There were 3 men and they all died in a car crash and went to hell. When they got there the devil asked them all in turn a question.
To the first he said " What were you addicted to on earth? ".
" Well, I have to admit ", the man replied, " I was very much addicted to alcohol ".
So the devil showed the man to a room full of alcohol of every type and description and he put the man inside and said, " see you in 100 years ".....and locked the door.
To the second man he asked the same question and the man replied, " Oh, I was addicted to sex with any woman who was up for it ".
So the devil took the man and showed him to a room full of hundreds upon hundreds of gorgeous and beautiful naked woman. The man ran inside and the devil said " see you in a 100 years......and locked the door.
The third man's answer to the question was " Oh...I was completely addicted to bridge ".
The devil looked surprised, but nevertheless he showed the man to a plush room packed full of card tables, with the most amazing gathering of top class players in attendance. The man went inside and the devil locked the door after saying " see you in 100 years".
100 years later the devil came by to let the three men out. He opened the door to the first man's room and found a man, albeit sober one, collapsed on the ground in terrible distress. " That was hell....please, please .......I beg you......don't ever let me near another alcoholic drink again ! "
The devil opened the 2nd man's door, and a physical wreck of a man came running out screaming " That was bastard....and let me tell you from this moment on I intend to be celibate ".
Finally, the devil came to the third man's room and opened the door. Sitting at a table with 3 others, the man was clearly struggling to read the faded images on the grubby, dog-eared, tatty looking cards in his hand. " WHAT.....BACK SO SOON........but hey, while you are here, earn your keep and go fetch us a box full of new packs................and throw in a few extra scorecards and pencils as well ".

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