Tuesday, 1 February 2011

" It's just not bloody good enough, Bigot. Every night you're out at the club, and having a good time. You never get back before midnight, leaving me here frustrated and miserable. I'm nothing more than a long suffering going-out-of-mind bridge widow ........and I've just about reached the end of my tether ", she exclaimed.
So Bigot thought long and hard about his wife's distress, and he figured an urgent reality check was desperately needed. So on the following night he took his wife along with him to the club as his partner.
Despite being an accomplished and competent whist player, she failed to make a straightforward 2S contract, which clearly upset her more than her bemused husband. But then two boards later she really flipped her lid when smug and smirking opponents were rejoicing over their fluky and most fortuitous top. But the final clincher was when a TD ruled against her vulnerable 4H tick, by replacing the the score 3s-1 for the opponents. She was ready to kill.
" Urgh..........this bridge game is awful ", she spluttered, " Christ man....how the hell can you stand it ? "
" Well, now you know what I have to put up with..... ", replied Bigot triumphantly, " .... and what's more you had the audacity to think that I come down here every night to enjoy myself ! "

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